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International Visitors - Travel and Distances

We often have conversations with our international guests about distances and travel times in Western Australia.  For people that live in densely populated cities Western Australia is a whole new realm.  Here's some facts to help you plan your trip ....

  • The speed limit in rural Western Australia is generally 110 km/hr unless posted otherwise.  On main roads it is usually possible to maintain this speed and you will generally want to as things are some distance apart.
  • Four Elements is about 285 km by road from Perth city and will take you about 3 to 3.5 hours to drive with one short stop.  This is considered a relatively minor distance in Western Australia.  Our family often travels over 1500km for our annual holidays without leaving Western Australia, in fact if you travel from Albany in the South to Kununurra in the north its possible to drive for 36 hours and cover 3,540 odd kilometres without leaving Western Australia.  Given its size it will be no surprise to learn that Western Australia is full of an awful lot of nothing - the coastal fringe is where most of the settlements are and wide plains and scrubby bush dominate the interior.
  • Four Elements is about half way between Margaret River and Dunsborough - this places it within 20 minutes drive of Dunsborough, 25 minutes from Busselton and about 30 minutes from Margaret River.  We are often asked where's the nearest ... so heres the list -
    • Supermarket - the closest large supermarket is Coles in Dunsborough (20 minutes drive)
    • Hospital - Busselton have a brand new hospital opened in 2015.  Its second to none in regional centres in Western Australia.  Its about 30 minutes from Four Elements.
    • Doctor - there are at least two doctors surgeries in Dunsborough and several in Busselton including one that offers weekend service.
    • Corner Store - yes well its a few corners away - but Carbanup General store or Yallingup General store would compete for the honour - both being about 15 minutes away by car.  They are open from eraly in the morning to around 6pm and have fuel, bread, milk and other essential supplies.
    • Restaurant - this answer varies depending on which meal you are wanting.  For Lunch two of our neighbours compete for the nearest - on one side Bootleg Brewery serves pub style food, on the other side KneeDeep winery offers fine dining.  For breakfast and dinner you will need to travel to one of the townsites where numerous takeaways and restaurants operate.