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Farm Activities

Four Elements provide activities and tours for guests all year round, with different activities being available according to the season. Nobody offers more free entertainment for the kids than Four Elements!

  •  Activities are run daily and often twice daily whenever we have guests staying,
  • They are generally scheduled at 8:15 am and about 5:15 pm each day to allow guests to enjoy the middle of the day touring the many attractions of the area
  • Activities are suitable for  children between the ages of two and twelve, with younger ones needing parental supervision
  • They generally run between half and three quarters of an hour.

Heres the activities we run, some available only seasonally ....


LJ and chooks

Animal Feeding.

A guided mini tour of the farm to feed the goats, sheep, chickens, turkeys, ducks, pigs and Hogan the horse, before visiting one of the dams to feed the fish.  Along the way we will show you some possum hang outs and the two bee hives we have nearby..  This is always a favourite with the younger children as the goats particularly love to eat out of their hands.  During the tour we provide information about the breeds and characteristics of the animals and the types of food they eat.  We also point out possum nests and the native trees they favour on the property.  (suits kids of all ages, parental supervision for under 5s, not run in inclement weather)

Fruit Picking.

  A guided activity available for about eight months of the year.  We offer a tour of the orchard with an explanation about the trees, including some of our experiences cultivating them, before guests are invited to pick a sample of the fruits currently ripe.  This can be combined with animal feeding and suits kids of all ages, with parental supervision for under 5s, not run in inclement weather).  Often one or more of the following will be available to pick -

  • Apples - available in Autumn, we have four different varieties planted, including Western Australias own Pink Lady and the every popular Granny Smith
  • Pears - two varieties of pears available in the later part of summer
  • Peaches, Nectarines, Apricots and plums - with different trees fruiting from just before Christmas until late summer.
  • Citrus fruits - mandarins, oranges, grapefruits, limes, lemons, and lemonade (a cross between an orange and lemon that makes a sweet lemonade).  Lemons and limes are all year round with the rest starting late autumn and finishing in late winter.



There is nothing quite like standing around a  fire on a cool night in the winter months toasting marshmallows, the kids have a ball and so do the parents.  We light the fires about 5pm and they should burn low enough for marshmallow toasting by about 7pm.

We now offer two styles of outdoor fire activity - Bonfires are very large piles of waste wood built up over the summer months, stacked with a tractor, that we burn on scheduled Saturdays through winter, generally there are four or five of these over winter and they are often quite spectacular and burn through the night.  Camp fires are more flexible in their scheduling and are run om request in place of the afternoon activity, families are asked to help gather a pile of smaller sticks and branches, and with 20 minutes work we have enough for a campfire.  Both are seasonal winter activities and depend on the preceding couple of days being dry in order to be able to get the fire going.

See our Facebook page for details of the scheduled Bonfire weekends or simply chat with us when you arrive if you would like to help set a campfire.   Suits kids of all ages, parental supervision essential, not run in inclement weather



Right at the back of the property is a creek that is a favourite place for my boys to explore during winter.  We  take kids on a hay ride to the creek and see if we can help them catch a few tadpoles and see a few baby marron (about 25mm long) that are migrating down the creek.  The tadpoles can be taken back to the chalet overnight before we return them in the morning.  Mucking about in a creek during winter is something every kid should experience.  (Kids of all ages, parental supervision essential, can usually be fitted in around a little rain.)

Tyson Meets a Marron

Marron Trapping.

A summer activity as the marron don't eat much during winter.  We have been cultivating marron in a couple of our water holes for some years now and we like to keep an eye on how big some of them have grown.  So, on a catch and release basis, we will be setting marron nets in the water holes to see what lies beneath.  If we visit the water holes at the back of the property we will provide transport in the form of a hay ride in one of the trailers.  A fun activity for the kids, but be sure to kit them out in clothes that can stand a bit of mud and water.  (Kids 4 and up, being a water based activity parental supervision is essential, you must tell us if there are any weak swimmers in your group, we will provide floatation aids)

Hill Trolley Rides - Gravity Racing.

As a kid I made a few hill trolleys with my Granddad and had a great time using them. When this came up in discussion with guests they mentioned they don't have anywhere easily accessible thats safe to use one .... and an idea was born. Younger kids can ride with Mum or Dad while older kids ages 5 and up can usually go solo. If theres a large group we do timed trials to see who can get the fastest run down the hill (its all about the launch). Bike helmets available for the kids.


We make boomerangs from marine ply using our CNC router table and in still weather will show the older kids and their parents how to throw a boomerang.  Competition to see who can get the boomerang to return closest often runs quite hot.  For those who would like to take one home boomerangs can be purchased for $10.   (suits kids 8 and up, parental supervision optional, can be run in inclement weather)

Yabbie Trap construction and use.


A great activity for ages 5 and up available all year round.  We construct with the kids a simple fish trap from a plastic milk container and a few household items.  Then we set the traps in one of our  the dams that has been invaded by Yabbies, we are unsure of the history but these Eastern States imports are now a pest and need to be removed.

We leave the traps in overnight and return to see what we have caught, often a single trap will catch as many as six.  As we are not allowed to return them to the water under WA Fisheries Regulations they are fed to the chickens, to add some protein to their diet.

Baby Chicks.

baby chickens smallOn three or four occasions during the year we incubate chicken eggs and on selected mornings the kids will be shown how to pick them up and pet them.  This is always a popular activity as  young children seem to find young animals irrestible, and the fact that the baby chicks are fluffy and cute doesn't hurt! (Suitable for children of all ages, parental supervision for under 4s)

Lantern stalk. 

A night time activity for the older kids.  On a warm summer night we wait until it gets dark then within a defined area the kids have to use available cover and diversionary tactics to try and sneak up on an adult with a torch.  Those that manage to touch home base without being spotted share in the chocolate prize (Suitable for older children say 6 and up, parental supervision for under 8s).  This activity runs from about 8pm (when it gets dark) for 45 minutes.